What areas does Stevens Company serve?

Medical, Electronic, Automotive, Aerospace, Commercial, Military, Defense.

What types of quality assurance programs do you offer?

Parts are built to customer print specifications. Parts will meet FF&F (form, fit & function) per customer requirements.

We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

Does Stevens Company ship outside of the United States?

Product is shipped worldwide.

What metal types can be used in manufacturing parts?

Stainless Steel (all series), High & Low cold rolled Carbon Steel, Titanium, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Specialty Metals, Pre-plated materials, Nickel alloys.

Is there a minimum part quantity for orders?

The minimum part quantity is 5,000 parts.

Is it possible to receive sample parts for testing?

It is possible to receive sample parts if the product is in inventory that meets product specifications or with new tool purchase order.

Do prints need to be submitted with the Request for Quote form?

Yes, prints are required for quoting. Request a Quote


How much time is needed to create my quote?

The average time for quote is 48-72 hours. This may vary and require more time due to material price and availability, tool design, PPAP requirements and complexity of the part.

How long does it take to create, ship, and receive parts on average?

Many factors affect the time it takes to create, ship, and receive parts. Tooling, progressive tools take longer vs. eyelet tools, material availability, machine availability, cleaning, special processing, i.e. cleaning, deburring, plating, heat treating, special packaging etc.

Can I know your production process?

Yes, the company will provide the production process if requested. Contact Us

Does Stevens Company cater to residential work?

Stevens company will review all kinds of work.

What is the Steven Company’s mission?

To continue and enhance Stevens Company’s tradition of profitable growth through dedication to those core values which constitute the Company’s foundation. We will foster and develop the tradition of ingenuity and skill that made us what we are and use those resources to face our own challenges and those of our customers. We will always strive for excellence in both our products and our processes. We will provide a working environment that encourages effective teamwork and promotes personal growth, achievement and fulfillment. We will conduct our business with integrity and a sense of responsibility to our customers, our employee-associates, our community and our environment.

What patterns of embossing do you offer?
Parts can be pierced, dimpled, tapered, etc. Patterns or special requirements are decided during print review.

What kind of metal forming services do you offer?
All types of metal forming are offered within machine capabilities.

What shapes can you deep draw?
Tubular shapes, piercings, dimpling, tapers, beads, bowl, cup, cone, nozzle and cap.

What are deep draws usually used for?
Deep draw is often used when parts are formed to produce a tubular hollow shape without slitting, splitting or fracturing the metal while thinning the wall thickness to the desired ID & OD specification. Difficult features such as tapering, flaring, slotting, piercing, dimpling all can be achieved making deep draw economical in cost, control of material waste/usage and a high production yield.     

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